Monday, March 17, 2008


Starring Rhona Mitra, Bob Hoskins, & Craig Conway. Written & Directed by Neil Marshall. Doomsday is a vicious, no-holds barred, violent, action film. It is about a virus that infects Glasgow Scotland, and the government gets involved by segregating off the infected. The section that gets separated has some which survive (or are immune to) the virus. THese are the renegades, if you will. They also turn cannibalistic.

The main character is Eden Sinclair (played by Rhona Mitra). She is one tough girl. She definitely pulls off this character. There have been some actresses in the past that could NOT do this, but Mitra does a fantastic job of making you believe that she in-fact is Eden Sinclair. Her mission is to go into the heart of the renegade cannibals and find out information of the secret to why/how they were able to survive this horrible virus that has killed nearly thousands of people.

This film is very dark, very violent, very action packed. I think of it as Blade Runner meets Mad Max meets Aliens meets Planet Terror. There are some aspects of all of these films incorporated into this one. I will say that this one tops the violence factor for me. It is very brutal and unforgiving. With that said, even the most action film junkies may find this film offensive, so beware!

I give this film a B-. Even though I enjoyed the film and many of misc attributes (action, cinematography, the little amount of animation, etc) about it. It still lacked something for me that I cant explain. Maybe after some more thought, I will be able to put a finger on what I mean.

Once again, If you do watch, just be ready for some things that you may not be used to. Watch at your own risk!

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