Monday, September 29, 2008


Watched this movie last night. Is it the best acting, cinematography, effects, and directing? No, but that is not the point. The point is that the movie has a Great message. It is wonderful film for couples to watch together. It is very eye-opening. It will be a great tool for people to use to influence & encourage others.

I was personally touched by the film. It left me feeling sparked with a spirit of love for God, my family, my wife, and others. Go see it. "If for nothing else, do it for me".

After watching the movie, I learned a few details:
1. Kirk Cameron is the real deal. I knew that he was a Christian, but this movie has further proven to me on his character intentions. I heard in an interview that the cast & crew were ALL volunteer (minus about 10 people, and this did NOT include Cameron).

2. Kirk refused to kiss anyone other then his real wife, so the actress that plays his movie wife was substituted for his real wife during the filming of the kissing scene. It was backlit, so that only the silhouette of her was seen.

3. A portion of the proceeds from Kirk Cameron's new movie Fireproof will be donated to the community where the film was made. The people of Albany, Georgia will benefit from the success of the film

The Growing Pains star says, "There's a community sports park that's being built and they have basketball courts, tennis courts, walking trails, horse stables and riding trails and a hockey ring and all kinds of things. "So we're investing back into the community that helped volunteer to make the movie."

4. The box office opening of Fireproof, although it debuted in fewer than 1,000 theaters, earned $6.5 million which placed it fourth. It was heavily promoted among church groups.

The top 10 films for the weekend:
1. Eagle Eye, $29.2 million;
2. Nights in Rodanthe, $13.6 million;
3. Lakeview Terrace, $7 million;
4. Fireproof, $6.5 million;
5. Burn After Reading, $6.2 million;
6. Igor, $5.5 million;
7. Righteous Kill, $3.803 million;
8. My Best Friend's Girl, $3.8 million;
9. Miracle at St. Anna, $3.5 million;
10. Tyler Perry's the Family That Preys, $3.2 million.

I encourage you to check this movie out. It was a great experience for me, and I know that others I have spoken to have been touched by it as well.

You can see more about this movie here:


Anonymous said...

I was going to request a review of this movie, but you beat me to it! I've heard from several people that it's good though. I definitely plan to go see it!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I forgot to identify myself up there. But I was also wondering how many theaters that movies usually debut in, just to compare.


SammyB said...

for comparison, "The Dark Knight" debuted in 4300 theaters.