Saturday, November 15, 2008

Quantum of Solace

First of all no post in over a month is very sad, on behalf of Catchafick, I would personally like to apologize for the lack of blogs. My poor pity excuses is that I have no computer at my place of residence, and also because I am very lazy as of late. The computer deliria may be taken care of this Christmas, and if not by then, next spring may work out as well. I know the other half of Catchaflick would love to blog all day long about movies and such, but he has a lot on his plate, so I take full responsibility on the poor management of this blog.

Last night I saw one of the best Bond films ever, and my second favorite Bond movie of the 21st Century. Quantum of Solace has been receiving some bad national reviews. Do not believe them, which a lot of moviegoers don't, thank goodness. I do not read reviews of movies until I have seen the movie first. I have only read a couple so far and from what I can already gather, the critics’ distaste is that QS has no plot.

Plot   /plot/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [plot] Show IPA Pronunciation
noun, verb, plotted, plotting.
–noun 1. a secret plan or scheme to accomplish some purpose, esp. a hostile, unlawful, or evil purpose: a plot to overthrow the government.
2. Also called storyline. the plan, scheme, or main story of a literary or dramatic work, as a play, novel, or short story.

Are you ready for this big surprise? Quantum of Solace is about, (drum roll) James Bond seeking revenge for the death of his love, and in the process sets out to stop an environmentalist from taking control of a country's water supply.

Sounds like a plot to me, a great one at that. My love for Bond movies is not that great, so this is not an OO7 fan boy review. In my early 20's, my taste for Bond movies had gone bad. I didn't care anymore for gadgets and over the top super villains; however, I still loved a hot Bond girl. I just no longer became the audience for an OO7 movie anymore. Die Another Day was the last Pierce Brosnan Bond picture, and what I thought was going to be the last Bond movie period. Hollywood's most famous super spy needed an extreme makeover. Casino Royale in my honest opinion is what the 20-picture franchise needed. This movie fan now cares about James Bond again.

QUANTUM OF SOLACE is a gritty Bond film that puts one character in focus. Everything is about Bond getting the answers he wants, but in the process finds out about an secret organization and gets in the way (the only way Bond know how) of a slimy environmentalist. Not only does the title of this 22nd installment sound cool, it speaks volumes by the end of the movie. Daniel Craig's Bond (the second best and my favorite) has some unfinished business, and watching him piece it together is what makes Quantum of Solace my favorite Bond film of the 21st Century! Enjoy!!!




Stephanie said...


Saw this and thought of you...looks like you won't have to be a "traitor" for much longer!

SammyB said...

this is what I am talkin bout!

Andrew A said...

Hey C,

Thanks for putting up with my running commentary!

Veri Teri said...

Hey, I loved, want to see it again.